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Do your employees know how to use your ABIS?

An automated biometric identification system (ABIS, sometimes known as an automated fingerprint identification system or AFIS) is not easily understood by the people who rely on it. Some ABIS functions require a minimum amount of biometric knowledge, while others require considerably more understanding and skill. At the same time, ABIS functions require an understanding of how computer software works, and how your agency employees can best work with the software to complete manual operations, automated operations, or a mixture of both.

In addition, both forensic and biometric computer software have evolved over time. Modern systems need to address human factors such as uncertainty, bias, and other issues that older systems ignored. At the same time, software has itself evolved, mobile devices with small screens are becoming more common, and newer software provides user experiences in a different way than older systems.

Another factor is the differences between vendor systems. While ABIS from two vendors may achieve the same result, the two systems may achieve this result in two radically different ways.
All of these factors create barriers that make it hard for your agency employees to learn a new system. Students who are experienced with older systems may resist the features of new systems; and students who are experienced with other vendor systems may resist the way another vendor performs ABIS operations.


An expertly guided ABIS training can break down barriers, allow students to productively use the ABIS, and allow your agency to solve more crimes and achieve a return on your investment.

How to get productive use out of your ABIS.

Your agency needs a knowledgeable training professional who understands the changes to forensics and software, offers experience with all major vendors, and can equip your students to get the most out of your ABIS.

Michael K. French, owner of Applied Forensic Services LLC (AFS), draws upon 12 years of experience with a law enforcement agency, 13 years of experience with ABIS vendors, and eight years of service on forensic and industry standards bodies. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of an ABIS acquisition through his involvement in approximately 50 ABIS implementations including the FBI Next Generation Identification system (NGI).

Mike is an experienced ABIS best practice trainer, offering a la carte type services upon request. Training can include:

  • ABIS 101: Overview of generic biometric systems and edge devices, modalities, use-cases, quality control (QC), standards, and interoperability issues.
  • ABIS 201: Overview of general image handling best practices, as well as latent finger and palm print encoding best practices and search strategies.
  • ABIS 301: Advanced latent finger and palm encoding best practices, image enhancement techniques, NGI search strategies, and interpretation of the NIST Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technology ongoing studies, as well as the FBI Laboratory statistical analysis of latent print searches on NGI.

In addition to training services, AFS also offers separate pre-acquisition and acquisition services, as well as Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) post-acquisition services. Contact AFS for details.

Take the first step to expertly using your ABIS.

How can my approach equip your agency employees to use your ABIS?

If my service is of interest to you, I would be happy to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation. I can listen to your concerns and suggest possible next steps.

Contact me at mike@appliedforensicservices.com

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