ABIS Independent Verification & Validation Services

Will you get the ABIS you thought you were getting?

You have signed a contract with a vendor for an automated biometric identification system (ABIS, sometimes known as an automated fingerprint identification system or AFIS). The vendor has provided you with information about its ABIS. You have an understanding of the ABIS you want. But is that the ABIS that will be delivered to you?

  • Is the ABIS being built correctly? Verification determines whether the deliverables of a given phase of an ABIS project fulfill the requirements for that phase. Verification can include analysis of selected ABIS operations, demonstration of specific ABIS operations, inspection of specific deliverables, and/or testing of requirements.
  • Is the ABIS fit for purpose? Validation evaluates the deliverables throughout the ABIS project to ensure the products meet your mission and your needs. Examples of questions answered by validation include: whether the system allows the operator to enter a subject age of 400 years; whether the requirements specify the use of an outdated standard (such as the 1993 ANSI/NIST standard); or whether a system deployed in Québec refers to “states” and is only available in the English language.

If your agency doesn’t ask these questions, and if the vendor doesn’t proactively address these issues, your ABIS will not satisfy your stakeholders and will meet resistance.


An expertly guided ABIS independent verification & validation (IV&V) can reduce the time required to deliver and accept your system, reduce rework costs, and please all stakeholders.

How to get the ABIS your agency deserves.

Your agency needs a knowledgeable implementation professional who brings your agency stakeholders and vendors together to deliver a world-class ABIS that meets your agency needs.

Michael K. French, owner of Applied Forensic Services LLC (AFS), draws upon 12 years of experience with a law enforcement agency, 13 years of experience with ABIS vendors, and eight years of service on forensic and industry standards bodies. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of an ABIS acquisition through his involvement in approximately 50 ABIS implementations including the FBI Next Generation Identification system (NGI).

Here is a brief overview of how AFS will work with you:

  • Evaluate existing contractual requirements (if AFS was not involved in contract negotiations).
  • Consult with your agency staff, the vendor, and all other stakeholders as early as possible in the implementation phase.
  • Manage and secure approval of all project documents, possibly including the Statement of Work (or Requirements Specification), plans, schedules, interface control documents, data dictionaries, workflow designs, traceability matrices, gap analyses, defect tracking / issue / change logs, and any other necessary documents specified by the contract or required for the implementation.
  • Schedule meetings, reviews, interviews, status reports, presentations, and tests.
  • Monitor implementation progress, agency and vendor task completion, delays, and effects on the overall implementation schedule.
  • Resolve differences in understanding to the satisfaction of all parties.
  • Ensure that the vendor delivers a compliant system on-time and on-budget.

In addition to Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) post-acquisition services, AFS also offers separate pre-acquisition and acquisition services. Contact AFS for details.

Take the first step to deploying your unique ABIS.

How can my approach benefit your next ABIS deployment?

It is never too soon to start planning, and it is never too late to re-evaluate your current approach. If my service is of interest to you, I would be happy to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation. I can listen to your concerns and suggest possible next steps.

Contact me at mike@appliedforensicservices.com

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